SDSMT WRF v3.7.1.1 Rapid City CWA Forecast for the Black Hills Domain

SDSMT WRF v3.7 Rapid City CWA Forecast for 2016-07-01_12 UTC

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Northern Great Plains Domain (Δz = 9 km)
Western SD Domain (Δz = 3 km)





Model Nudging Status and Timings

Observational Nudging Status: Nudging Enabled

WPS Time = 2.8955331 minutes ( 0.0482589 hours)
WRF PREP Time = 2.2333164 minutes ( 0.0372219 hours)
WRF RUN Time = 97.130261 minutes ( 1.6188377 hours)
WRF POST Time = 0.6073209 minutes ( 0.0101220 hours)
TOTAL Time = 97.737582 minutes ( 1.6289597 hours)


Web Services

GRIB2 File of Current WRF Run for 3-km Domain, valid at 2016022612
SD Mines Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences RAMADDA Server for All Domains and Long-Term Archive